The Halo Funds were founded and led by Carol Sands. Her team members are Ed Esber, Leif Langensand, Nagesh Mhatre, Phil Schlein, and Craig Sirnio. The partners share common personal and professional values, have a passion for building companies and possess strong track records as mentors, entrepreneurs, executives and investors.The team is complemented by an Advisory Council consisting of Dr. Dale Achabal (Consumer/Retail), Dr. Mariana Bozesan (Integral Impact Investing), David Caplan (Software), Joe Desmond (Clean Technology), Carl E. Dickerson (Wellness), Mir Imran (Life Sciences). Bennett Johnson III (Government), Patricia Roller (Scaling Technology), and Chris Shipley (New Technologies).


-Ed Esber

-Leif Langensand

-Nagesh Mhatre

-Carol Sands

-Phil Schlein

-Craig Sirnio